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The Natural Family Planning Association (Alberta) is an non-profit organization whose purpose is to teach the Billings Ovulation Method of natural family planning.

The Billings Ovulation Method is based on awareness of the woman's natural cycles of fertility and infertility, unmodified by any chemical, mechanical, or other artificial means. It takes advantage of the biological fact that women are infertile more often than fertile throughout their reproductive years. A woman learns to recognize the fertile and infertile phases within her menstrual cycle. The fertile phase, that time when conception may occur, is recognized by physical signs accompanying ovulation. This knowledge, together with planned abstinence, can be used either to achieve or to postpone pregnancy.

The Billings Ovulation Method:

  • Enables all pregnancies to be planned
  • Is based on sound scientific knowledge
  • Is NOT the Rhythm Method
  • Can assist many couples to achieve pregnancy
  • Is natural and therefore harmless
  • Does not require pill-taking or devices of any kind
  • Is morally acceptable
  • Helps to establish physical and mental harmony in marriage
  • Can be used successfully by any woman who wishes to do so

The use of the Billings Ovulation Method is not compatible with barrier or hormonal forms of contraception, i.e. condoms or the Pill, either during the learning period or for family planning purposes.

As decisions concerning the family involve both husband and wife, we invite couples to take the joint responsibility of spacing their children. Successful use of the Method demands loving cooperation and contributes to growth in communication, understanding, and respect between marriage partners - thus enhancing the total marriage relationship.


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Natural Family Planning Association (Alberta)
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Biological Facts

Ovulation occurs on only 1 day in each cycle.

The egg lives only 12-24 hours if not fertilized.

Sperm need mucus with fertile signs to survive, otherwise they will die within a short time.

Sperm with best mucus may live 3-5 days.

Fertility depends on ovulation and satisfactory mucus.

Pregnancy can result from contact of sexual organs on days of mucus with fertile signs without penetration or ejaculation.

Natural Family Planning Association (Alberta) was established in 1984 and is affiliated with:

W.O.O.M.B. International
(World Organization Ovulation Method Billings)
W.O.O.M.B. Canada

Scientific studies indicate that with proper instruction and motivation, the Billings Ovulation Method in actual practice is 99.64% effective.
(Dr. Catherine Bernard, Ob. Gyn., Family Life Centre, India)

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