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Learning the Billings Ovulation Method

The Billings Ovulation Method will help you to understand your fertility. It can be used to either achieve or postpone pregnancy. The method is based on the symptoms associated with cervical mucus that is sensed at the vulva by the woman as she is doing her normal daily activities. The woman learns to recognise the times of fertility and infertility by the presence or absence of this cervical mucus. During the initial learning phase, it is important that you work with an accredited Billings Ovulation Method teacher who will help you learn to identify signs of fertility and infertility. To find a teacher nearest you, please contact our head office or refer to the list of BOM Centres.

Our instruction involves:

  • Initial presentation
  • Regular follow-up appointments (essential)
No Matter how irregular the cycle, once learned, the Method can be applied to ALL variations throughout a woman's life:
  • Regular cycles
  • Irregular cycles
  • Anovular cycles
  • After childbirth
  • Lactation (breast feeding)
  • Approaching menopause
  • Low fertility (The mucus sign pinpoints the location of maximum fertility in the cycle, providing information in time for it to be useful.)

The only requirements are that a woman pay attention to her external sensations and observations as she goes about her normal activities and keeps a simple daily record.Click here for a list of our Billings Ovulation Method Centres to connect with a fully accredited BOM teacher.

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Natural Family Planning Association (Alberta) was established in 1984 and is affiliated with W.O.O.M.B. International (World Organization Ovulation Method Billings) and W.O.O.M.B. Canada.

Upcoming Workshops

Basic Teacher Training Part 1
Weekend Workshop

June 10-12, 2011

St. Bonaventure Church
Fr. Stephenson Room
1600 Acadia Drive, SE Calgary, AB


For more information and registration form: Workshop Brochure

(A Friday night session, from 7 to 9:30 PM, is available for those who are seeking more information on the BOM method or wishing to use the method personally. See our brochure for more details.)

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